Zulu Fire Sauce

Hot Chili Sauce - $23.48 per case

Baobab Cha-Ka-La-Ka

Spicy Relish - $29.86 per case

Swazi Mamma Mamba

Hot Chili Sauce - $23.48 per case

Peri Peri Mombasa

Chili Sauce - $23.48 per case

Safari BBQ South Africa

Spicy Fruity Sauce - $29.86 per case

Malawi Gold

Hot Chili Sauce - $23.48 per case


Khoisan Seaweed Salt

$23.48 per case

Zanzibar Island Spice

$23.48 per case

Zulu Fire Spice

$23.48 per case

Moroccan Harrisa

$23.48 per case

Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks HOT

Chili Salt - $23.48 per case

Hot Rocks MILD

Not Too Hot - $23.48 per case

Hot Rocks Salad

Chili & Garlic Salt - $23.48 per case

All products are imported to our Warehouse in New Jersey, delivery costs for orders applies.
All of our amazing products are also available to order online.
All of our products are delivered in cases of 6.