The U-Tube

Ukuva iAfrica designed the U-Tube with the intent of bringing a new dimension to wine packaging and to how the wine-lover looks at wine as a whole. They aimed to fill a niche somewhere between bottle and box, yet discard the stigma attached to those previous vessels. A market that has been awaiting innovation and attention is the creative canvas behind the U-Tube Wine Collection.
“Two bottles, in a tube, in a bag with a tap,” is the coined slogan associated with the U-Tube label. It means 1.5l of quality wine that comes in something that is neither here nor there in terms of what we know when we conjure up wine vessels. This creativity was received well at the international IFE Awards in London and received an award for the design in the Fresh Ideas 2011 listing it as “True Product Innovation within the Global Food and Drink Industry”.
The U-Tube comes in four varieties of wine. A merlot and a mourverde cover the reds and then there’s a sauvignon blanc and chenin blanc white collection. All the wine is sourced in the Western Cape from a variety of talented up and coming wine makers who leave a hand-written description and signature on each tube.
Another thing you’ll see on this packaging is a Fair Trade mark that ensures the buyer that this product was produced fairly and justly with all those involved in its creation.

The U-Tube collection

U-Tube Merlot. 2009. W.O. Wellington. COLLECTION # 102

Aromas of chocolate, cherry and plum on the nose with a grassy minty flavour on the mid-palate, soft tannins, smooth finish, full bodied. 1500ml

U-Tube Chenin Blanc. 2010. W.O. Wellington. COLLECTION # 502

Youthful, light and crisp. Abundance of tropical guava on the nose with carry through on the palate. Enjoy chilled on its own, seafood and chicken dishes. 1500ml

U-Tube Mourvedre. 2009. W.O. Wellington. COLLECTION # 101

A fantastic blend of Mourvedre, Pinotage, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, Grenache and Cabfranc. A proud recipe not to be missed. Enjoy with steak, lamb and rich pasta.1500ml

U-Tube Sauvignon Blanc. 2010. W.O. Elgin. COLLECTION # 501

Fresh cut grass, Green figs and Cape Gooseberries on the nose, a full palate with a creamy mouth feel. Served chilled on it won or with light pasta dish, fish or chicken. 1500ml.