The month of May is when Fair Trade organisations, companies and supporters the world over come together to celebrate and create awareness for the Fair Trade cause. World Fair Trade Day took place on Saturday the 14th of May and saw some phenomenal turnout from Cape Town alone amongst Fair Trade supporters.

Ukuva iAfrica has been an active member of Fair Trade since the beginning, over fifteen years ago. The importance of the WFTO sticker attached to our product means that a percentage of every unit sold is going straight back into the producer’s pocket. This is key to avoiding all the horror stories that are a very real threat to the farmers and workers who produce the product. By enjoying our fine African wines and African food, you are ensuring that those behind the scenes don’t fall prey to any mistreatment and receive a fair wage for what they do so that they might carry on in a life sustaining business environment. Ukuva iAfrica generates Fair Trade production by associating ourselves with the Cape Mental Health Society. For the past fifteen years we have been their biggest contributor and have an arrangement where we work together to manufacture the packaging for our unique products.

Last week was Fair Trade Coffee Week which was partly hosted at the Labia cinema where a screening of the 2006 documentary, Black Gold, was shown. A film about coffee growers in the Oromia Region in Ethiopia, where coffee originated from and the obstacles the farmers endure to make a fair living. The turnout was impressive, with over one hundred people turning up to show their support.
The second leg of Fair Trade Coffee Week saw us all attend Fairtrade Coffee and Brunch Break, held at one of the loveliest bed and breakfasts in Cape Town, the delightful Parker Cottage owned by the equally charming, Phil and Liz.

A few short speeches were enjoyed from Heinz Fuchs, chairperson of Fairtrade Germany and other representatives of Fair Trade as well as Phil who along with Liz makes a staunch effort to use Fairtrade products as a part of their hospitality at Parker Cottage.

Fair Trade coffee was delicious and enjoyed with some great catering which all in all made for a really pleasant break in the day.
Ukuva iAfrica has had the pleasure of being associated with the amazing Wellness Warehouse store on Kloof Street. Yesterday (16 May), we went along to the store to represent and show our support of Fair Trade by holding an in-store tasting of our latest product, The U-Tube Wine Collection. Also there representing Fair Trade was Stellar Winery: Organic Wine Cellar. We have our U-Tube Wines available across the Cape and soon to be distributed nation-wide. An easy drinking wine that comes in our award winning tube design; we provide two reds (101, 102) and two whites (501, 502). Soon to be added to this collection will be our ‘house’ wines, aptly called ‘whitewhitewhite’ and ‘redredred’ so look out for those.

We thank you to all those involved and for supporting Fair Trade. Can’t wait to see you all next year.