What do I know?
South African wine (because it’s supposed to be tops) is one of those finicky little things that people become fundi-ish about, if I may use such gross terms. You could also become pedantic about correct vocabulary when writing but seeing as I have systematically shown I am neither fundi nor Flaubert, perfection is not exactly something I’m shooting for. I never have really. I know what I like, that being a good glass of red and typing out pretty streams of consciousness, often at the same time. A recipe in its own way. A mixology of mind and Merlot.

So what do I know about wine. Well, hark back over the years and try dig something out to work with so I can try and pull a part why I have a certain affinity for the drink of the gods and not something else, say, herbal teas for example. Now that is something in itself, I mean the herbal tea fetish so many voguey yogis are mad for, that I just cannot understand. While I may not be able to nose my way through the oak and honey hues of various South African Wines, I can tell you that herbal tea never, without fail serves to taste of stick and boredom.

Wine though…there is a spark of excellence in the discourse of Dionysus’s drink of choice. For me it just has very little to do with heritage, religious rites nor rituals and who gives a toss about champagne being from Champagne or not? Bubbles equals champers to me and trust me, it’s just as fun not knowing the vintage as it is obsessing over it.

One of the things I love about Cape Town, my home city, is its strong winey roots. With wine-lands mopping up most of the beautiful countryside around this city, it is practically impossible to not drink wine in this place. Where else in the world do you see first years recklessly indulging in Wine Club on the steps of the University? Even our homeless teeter around on the tipsy streets, papsak en al. In the same breath, I am positive there are some serious wine drinkers around here, who know all the ins and outs. I’ve seen the prices at the bottle store. Somebody somewhere is having a taste explosion over their perfectly complimentary supper and that is truly awesome for them. However, in all honesty, I am not one such person.

When you come from the city of golden, beautiful, poetic and creative Cape Town, let’s admit that the appeal of pretentious bollocks is rather strong compared to other geographical areas. I speak generally you understand, but then don’t forget we are talking wine here folks. It’s so refreshing therefore to find a wine that is straight out of the Cape, that has the quality and top-class design without being very expensive or having a cork up it’s bum. The newest product from Ukuva iAfrica is the U-Tube and it slots into a niche that desperately needed to be filled with something that hi-rollers and lo-fi wine lovers can all enjoy comfortably. The completely original design of the U-Tube is the gorgeous vessel that stores the equivalent and quality of two bottles of wine in a bag with a tap. No box, no bottle: U-Tube. It’s therefore pretty decent value for money as well as being a African wine product of the World Fair Trade Organisation. It’s pop art with a heart.

But what do I know? See this space tomorrow and perhaps something will have surfaced from the winey, watery recesses of my mind. Until then, do check out The U-Tube and let us know what you think about this South African wine.