Ukuva iAfrica brings the intrigue and exotic tastes of Africa to the world

With a fascinating collection of delicious and versatile sauces, BBQ sprays, spices and Hot Rocks, we spend time creating recipes that bring flavors and people together the world over. In the last decade, the appreciation of our flavorful food has grown greatly. Our range enjoys using the many tastes of Africa, from the savory Mediterranean, fragrant Pan-Pacific cuisine and a special love for experimenting with good chili to base our piquant hot sauces.

World Fair Trade Organisation

We believe there is no excuse in this time and age to not be aware of what’s going in the world and what you can do to better it. As a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, Ukuva Wine stands up to the mark by being a supporter and indeed ambassador of the first globally conscious trade protection company that protects the rights of marginalised producers and workers. The importance of the WFTO sticker attached to our product means that a percentage of every bottle sold is going straight back into the producer’s pocket. This is key to avoiding all the horror stories that are a very real threat to the farmers and workers who produce the product. By enjoying our fine African wines and African food, you are ensuring that those behind the scenes don’t fall prey to any mistreatment and receive a fair wage for what they do so that they might carry on in a life sustaining business environment.

The U-Tube Wine Collection.

The Ukuva U-Tube – A New take on South African Wines
Like the Masters of fine wines, the French, us South Africans too have certain delicious words in our variety of diverse spoken languages that simply don’t translate into English or anything else. A certain “je ne sais quoi” if you will. And if you won’t, then think of the Afrikaans expression, ‘gesellig’. Gesellig is a big family, a cool group of people, a gathering of like-minded good folks in a comfortable environment. It’s a variety of home-made dishes that are full of flavour from delicate Malay curries to earthy Zulu potjies and a big ol’ bloody braai. It’s a time and a place where talk happens and slips in and out of languages, off chairs and onto the street where all kinds of people meet and eat and different as we all are in SA, vibe to the same beat.

That beat is one of a kind, like gesellig and like the Ukuva U-Tube. The Ukuva U-Tube is all about encompassing something that you can’t get anywhere else. And while we can’t bottle that vibe, there’s nothing like us. As beautiful and unique as the people who drink it. It’s the atmosphere of the place the grapes grew, the culture that has bled into their vines. It’s about all of us, no pretentious nonsense about nuances, we’re not trying to be something we’re not. We’re new, tasty and downable. We’re two bottles, in a tube, in a bag, with a tap. An innovative and sexily round free flow of excellent drinking, with excellent people.